How to cold brew at home


Grab a big glass container with a lid

Alright fine, maybe it doesn’t need to be glass, but it makes for a more… elevated experience. 

The important part is that it has a wide mouth opening at the top so you can easily remove the bag when you’re done.

Not gonna lie, the first time we tried this, the coffee bag got stuck in the pitcher… for good.

The lid is key for not sucking up those weird fridge smells into your cold brew. And so it doesn’t spill.


Toss in 1 or 2 Rime Cold Brew bags

You have a decision to make. Here it is.

Are you making “ready to drink” cold brew, or are you making cold brew concentrate?

Ready to drink cold brew means you can pour it onto ice and drink it straight up. You use 1 bag for this.

Cold brew concentrate means you pour about half as much cold brew into your glass, and then you mix it with water, milk, or the creamer of your choice. This is made with 2 bags.

Got it? Great.


Add about 4 cups of clean water

Yes clean water. Don’t be using some dank ass luke warm tap water and then complain that our cold brew tastes bad. Get yourself a water filter!

Or don’t. It’s your life.

You don’t need to measure within a fraction of a ml of water. Just be sure it’s somewhere around 4 cups. 

If you want to make more cold brew, just double the recipe. That grade 4 math will finally come in handy.


Stick it in the fridge for 10 - 24 hours

This next part will take some experimenting.

As the cold brew steeps in the fridge, it will continue to get stronger the longer it’s in there. 

At 10 hours, you will have a very weak, very mild tasting cold brew. Perfect for the small pathetic children in your life (kidding).

At 24 hours, you’ve hit peak strength. It’s up to you to decide how strong you like your cold brew.

If you’re unsure, we recommend about a 14-16 hour brew for a nice rounded flavor.


Drink it over ice or straight up

This is the best part, now you get to drink it!

Our favorite method is served over ice with just a small bit of sweetener, like a simple or maple syrup.

But you can have it your way! With milk, cream, or some non-dairy equivalent. 

Hint: This cold brew also goes great in cocktails like an espresso martini. You know… if that’s your thing.

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